ICD-10-CM 2015

The Basics Video 1

The Basics Video 2

Proper Documentation Video 3

Corcoran Consulting Group ICD-10-CM PART 1 Video 4

Corcoran Consulting Group ICD-10-CM PART 2 Video 5

Please complete the following questions below, AFTER watching the above 5 videos:


1. What Does ICD-10 CM stand for?

a. Internal Category of Disease 10 Codes and Meanings

b. International Classification of Diseases 10th Edition, Clinical Modification

c. Internet Coding of Diseases 10th Version, Common Medicine


2. How many characters or digits does the ICD-10 CM codes contain?

a. 3-7 Alphanumeric Characters

b. 2-5 Alphabetic Characters

c. 7-10 Alphanumeric Characters


3. When will ICD-10 CM billing codes be implemented?

a. It is already required

b. October 1, 2015

c. January 1, 2016


4. ICD-10 CM codes will always contain a letter as the first category followed by two other letters/numbers. Together these 3 characters/digits represent the category of disease.

a. True

b. False


5. All ICD-10 CM codes will require a seventh character, using an X as a placemaker.

a. True

b. False


6. The point of ICD-10 CM is so that the back office staff and doctors no longer have to document specific details during an exam, instead, they will just choose a ICD-10 CM code to report the details regarding a patients disease.

a. True

b. False


7. According to Video 3, what details should be documented during the work-up and completion of an exam?

    (Please list at least 4 different items that should be documented to justify or go in line with the ICD-10 CM coding)






8. In order to document a complete and specific chief complaint, sometimes you have to ask the patient more questions, such as: When did this start?, How long has this been present?, Has it progressed or worsened?, Has the patient tried anything for it?, Which eye?, etc.

a. True

b. False






***Please write down your answers to the above questions and click here to submit them.

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